Can a bad alternator cause a security light blink on jimmy?


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Its quite possible
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First explain security light on a jimmy never heard of a security light on a jimmy.head lights/turn signals/emergency flashers/dome light/bed light but never a security light.. Possible causes broken wire,loose connections,undercharged battery,short in the bulb,bulb loose in socket. There are many things that can cause lights to blink /brown out/die.even the bubl itself now adays can cause it to flicker,flash faster,stay on when it shoudl be flashing or blinking. I just replaced my tail light bulbs for my turn signal becasue they were not using the proper power so they flashed at a much faster pace than they were made for.once a new bulb was put in the flasher they worked perfect again and at a normal speed.just as a example of a bulb going bad and needing replaced.I just replaced my dome light festoon bulbs with leds to also fix a power outage/dying light bulbs.
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Ohhhhhhh you mean the dash panel lights to alert you to a malfunction or to buckle your seatbelts.ohhhhh, if a battery light comes on then your battry is probably dead/faulty cell/loose slipping belt.for a quick check stop at a autozone/car parts store and have them do quick check of the laternator without taking it out fo the car unles they have to. Then you will know for sure if it is the alternator or just a dead batray. : ) i have had the same alternator for ten years.cont-
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In other words most likely it is your batray. Unless you have somehow got water up in your engine compartment,then it is probably just some corrosion on the battery leads and ground. Or a little known fact the fuse built into the alternator wiring harness.. : )
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Check your belt/belts first to make sure they are not slip sliding around on the pulleys .then follow up the battery and the alternator.

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