Why Do You Think Petrol Is Used In Cars Instead Of Coal Or Natrual Gas?


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You answered part of your own question it is used because it is easier to pump cross country or ship over seas. It is also readily available(easier to access) from it's source.we/the auto industry is just now realizing they can use other forms of fuel to power all vehicles including tractor trailers/semis. If you have ever seen a coal mine you would see what it takes to access the coal/remove it from the earth.natural gas is more volitile/dangerous when you have a leak especially in a accident....the same thing is happening with the electric cars,fire departments are having to retrain on how to handle accidents involving these vehicles,not to mention the waste in alloy metals to make the special dry batteries. Then you have bio fuels which use natural resources that are supposed to be used in the production of the food supply such as water and corn driving costs through the roof....you will also have believe it or not have crooked businessmen buying up water rights in order to corner to supply of water to produce these alternative fuels driving up the cost of regular tap water and drinking water...doesn't make much since to use up other resources to find a solution...
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Because petrol produse more energy than coal and gas

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