What Are The Uses Of Oil And Natural Gas?


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Oil has very wide range of uses in industry, commerce ad agriculture. It has contributed very significantly to modern civilization, which would not be able of function without it.
More than half of the world's output goes into the transport network as jet fuels in aircraft, petrol for cars and diesel for trucks, buses, taxis, ships and tractors.

Much oil goes to thermal plants for generating electricity. It is also a major source of industrial fuel in boilers, furnaces and machines and pumps in factories. It is extensively used for heating and lighting in homes, offices, shops and factories. Kerosene is use d in lamps in villages and in light buoys and lighthouses.

It is used as a lubricant to grease and service machines, motor vehicles, equipment and appliances. Petroleum by- products and petrochemicals from oil refineries are used in wide range of manufactures such as plastics, fertilizers, adhesives and carbon black for making carbon paper.

Most oil wells also yield natural gas, which is exported as LNG, in especially made refrigerated tankers that stores the gas at a temperature of 185 Celsius. LNG accounts for 20% of the world's energy output and is used for lighting, heating and generating thermal electricity.
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There are many usages of oil and gases a per their properties. After certain processes on oils  they are available for different kind of daily usages like heating oils and can be use in winter in heaters for home warming.

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