Where To Find The Auto Train To Take My Car To Florida?


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tina harris answered
Can you call greyhounds bus station and ask them about this.you do no what the greyhounds bus station is don't you. They should no something about it or they could refer you to some where else. Thats not a bad ideal...   Call some bus stations and ask them.   Good luck
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Ryan Rugraff answered
I would suggest calling a frieght or shipping logistics company, moving companies might also be a good idea. A bus station is not going to help you, and as far as I know Amtrak is only for personal transportation and does not do any freight shipping. Depending upon where you are moving too/from, you may be able to find a company that ships vehicles via semitruck like they do with new vehicles. If you are driving to your new location, you can rent a tow hitch for a vehicle from a Uhaul or similar company. Happy travels!
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James Schaaf answered
The auto train is either in Baltimore or Washington D.C. I believe it is D.C.Calling Greyhoind will not do any good, you have to contact Amtrak.

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