How To Auto Repair?


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If you would like to repair your car, you can take it to the nearest garage. But before giving the vehicle make sure that the car about to be repaired is under warranty or not.
If it is under warranty, you can take the vehicle to the service centre of the respective car manufacturer, but make sure that you have all the relevant information which might have to show the proof of the warranty.

You can also search for the nearest service centre for your vehicle in the city, through the telephone directory. Explain to them about the problem that you with the vehicle. You can ask them to fix the car at your place or if required you can take the vehicle to the garage. Also ask them about the how many days you would have to keep the vehicle at the garage. Once the vehicle has been repaired, ask the mechanics of the garage to give you a test drive of your vehicle. After you feel the vehicle is working fine, you can be content with it.
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You must start the claim before doing anything else. You must call again with the contractor present and in my case call back again with the contractor present again. On all four calls I had to give them my name, address and phone number even though they had my phone number from their call system. The first time with the contractor, that lady wanted my claim number as well, which you can check here Americas Preferred Home Warranty customer service. Then they asked the contractor the same questions over and over, including his name, company name, company address and company phone number. Maybe they are trying to catch fraud, but my contractor was on the clock for $220/hour and he spent 25 minutes answering her questions ($92).

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