Are Pets Allowed On The Auto Train?


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According to their site, no pets are permitted on board the Auto Train, with the sole exception of service dogs that are clearly assisting a passenger with special needs. This rule is strictly enforced. Also, do not leave a pet in your car - the auto carriers are typically cold in the winter and boiling hot in the summer.
The Auto Train is not inexpensive and goes from Washington DC to Florida and is cheaper than say getting the plane. The coach route is also a pretty good deal; a sleeping compartment, while quite comfortable, runs the price up considerably. Your fare will include a charge for your automobile, a charge for you and any other members of your party, and if you've reserved a cabin there will be a single one off charge.
Auto Train fares are difficult to understand (similar to airline fares). Check out Amtrak's website and you will be able to obtain exact fares for any Auto Train trip you are planning. To give you a rough idea of typical fares, during the winter of 2007, Amtrak was quoting a round-trip price in coach of about $750 for two adults with one child and one standard-size car. Adding a round-trip Family Bedroom raised the round-trip fare to about $1,200.
The Auto Train offers a 10% discount on rail fare to members who belong to the National Association of Railroad Passengers and to members of any American Automobile Association (AAA) auto club. Be aware that Amtrak's normal senior citizen discounts do not apply to travel on the Auto Train.
Reservations for regular coach, first class, and special fares can be made by contacting Amtrak at 1-877-SKIP-I95 (special Auto Train number) or 1-800-USA-RAIL (872-7245) (general Amtrak reservations), or by talking to a travel agent who understands train travel. Ask to obtain the exclusive Auto Train brochure. For a vacation package you will need to call 1-800-268-7252.
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In London they are allowed in buses and since trains are also public transport,
I suppose that they can get in there! I do hope that you are not talking about
a pet horse or tiger now?! People will surely have an issue with these beasts
around them and you might have trouble getting these in there!

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No auto train allow pet travel with travelers but you can get services of pet travel who deliver your pet to your desired place so you can check them out.

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