How do i get my 96 buick lesabre out of theft mode?


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There are three ways to bypass or eliminate the theft mode on an older Buick Lesabre and the reason this is such a popular question is because it is a really common problem with older Buick models, particularly those that have a PassKey chip or a Passlock system.

Unfortunately, these security measures stop working at some point, making them a bigger problem for car owner than for car thieves. The PassKey or Passlock is also commonly called a VATS and is a pricy problem to fix if you don't know what you're doing. There are a lot of people that will say they know how to handle it, but it really isn't entirely fixed and will only come back to haunt you again later.

As previously mentioned, there are three ways to deal with this problem:

  • Fix it yourself
  • Find a handyman that can fix it
  • Take the car to a mechanic or a dealership to have it fixed

If you end up at a dealership or a mechanic, you could be looking at as much as a $1,000.00 invoice in order to get the car permanently out of theft mode and prevent the problem from ever coming back.

If you don't know a lot about cars and don't want to chance trying to fix the problem yourself, then you can find a handyman or hobby mechanic that can help you out. There are internet sites that will sell you the information on how to fix your own Buick Lesabre and prevent any future issues with theft mode kicking in on you. There is no need to pay for the information though, as it is also available free of charge on the internet.

The process you have to go through to fix the issue is sort of a complicated one, which makes it impractical to list the info here. There are some helpful sites that walk you through the process.

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