After 10 Hours Of Rest From Cdl Truck Driving, How Many Hours Must You Drive?


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You can only be behind the wheel 10 hrs in a 24 hr period. This rule applys to over the road truckers mostly. If you drive and make local deliveries, it will take a long time to get ten hrs behind the wheel as you are in and out of the vehicle frequently. 8 hrs before driving again. Its the drivers responsibility to stop when the maximum hrs  have been reached. It will be the driver who'll pay the piper if something happens. The company will also pay but the driver may lose his license depending on the violation. Companies make more money if you get the job done quicker and they'll only say they told you to drive within the law if brought into company will stand behind any employee when dragged into court.
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After 10 hours off, you can drive 11. You can work 14 hours a day but can only drive 11. After the 11th hour you must take 10 off.
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I think you can drive up to 8 hours and work up to 16 hours total combining the driving hours with the working hours to get sixteen..then you have to rest up to 8 hours again unless you have passed your total driving hours in a 80 hour period. But most trucking companies allow a driver to get sleep if they feel they need it instead of causing a accident by being overly tired due to lack of sleep... I think that's right  but just in case you can look it up on the state site for truck driver laws..

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