Are There Truck Driving Jobs Available In Iraq For Felons?


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Personally I have given up looking for CDL jobs I have even tried to get Class B job .I have known people in the past that have held a Cdl license for up to 15 years and have never gotten a truck drivign job . I have reached the point I guess I have to go back to where I started when I was 18 years old working for jobs that pay not even a child enough to survive on .

I have applied with Haliburton they hire people that do not really have a record I assume.Many of their jobs require a security clearance so its a total waste of time your dealing with a contractor that is dealing with guns ,explosives and military equipment so we'd be a liability I guess . I guess if worse comes to worse their is always crime.Check out Elite Ceu .If you have been out over 10 years liivng with mom and dad I can not blame you but only praise someone that just want to work and be a man .Peace
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You can work for dick chaney's company halliburton. But it is a very dangerous job. You would be better off going through a hiring agency that works with felons to help them be hired by  companies that they deal with. But like you said  trucking companies will not hire felons.
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Where you able to find job driving trucks in Iraq? I'm also interested. Let me know if you've had any luck?

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