How Do I Get Experience Driving A CDL-A Truck If No One Will Hire Me?


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Go to one of the trucking sites that will allow you to fill out one application and the trucking companies comb through and pick what driver’s application they are interested in.
This works for some applicants and not for some others because everything matters to make the best matches for you and the company. Your location, driving record, criminal record, endorsements, job history, military experience and volunteer work.

The Internet of course makes it easy to pick out a driver from all those applications that may suit their needs or desire so it's worth the time to use these databases as long as it's free.
You could also go to the nearest truck stop to you and get some trucking magazines with the companies listed so you have a lot of trucking companies in one place on paper. This gives you a real good idea of who to call first. You ideally want a job at a trucking company near where you live or whose operating lane goes through where you live. This makes it likely that you will get home more frequently. But of course, if you are trying to get experience then you shouldn't be too picky yet. You have to be flexible and yes that means you will not get home as much.

You want to pay attention to the manufacturers and/or distribution centres in your area with company trucks that haul their products over the road. Stop in and speak to their human resources to see if they are hiring. Take your business cards. If you meet people on your way in who works there, greet them with a smile, tell them you hope to be working with them someday and pass them a card.

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