How Heavy Is A Car Engine?


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Hi  They vary typically from 85- 250kg. I found some excellent information at: .As you can see from this, a typical engine for a ford small hatchback 4cylinder engine is 85kg, going up to 250kg for a range rover V8 block.It does depend on the car and obviously the bigger the engine the more it weighs. The weight of engines has reduced considerably since 1960'&70's where most block were cast iron whereas now they are generally all alloy which is much lighter which is why now you hear of people being able to lift them by hand. If you are going to lift your engine I would always advise using an engine crane with as much capacity as you can get, as safety is always the priority. In the long run, its not worth taking any shortcuts.(Trust this is slightly more useful than the previous post!!) Best regards.
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G'day Guest,

Thank you for your question.

It depends on the size of the car. A small car will have a lighter engine that a big SUV.


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