Where Can I Find A Wiring Diagram For A Delco Car Radio Model #16205015?


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There are hundreds of Delco car radio models produced and so it should be assumed that there would be loads of websites offering these diagrams! It has been difficult to find that exact model but it seems that from all the websites found with the diagrams on that there is only one generic model, which can’t be the case. It seems that the wiring diagram cannot be found just by typing in the code but more detail needs to be given to find the correct diagram. Below are lists of websites ranging from car radio technicians to step by step guides on installing car radios. Hope this will prove useful!

This website specialise in Delco radio models and have an ‘ask the experts section’. However, it is $15 to ask but at least the question would get answered. If not they have many wiring diagrams to look through but most use the model and not the code for it.

This website is free and takes you through to Delco car radio technicians who will answer your question:

This website provides step by step instructions on how to install the car radios:

This website provides a varying range of options to do with cars, including car radios, specialising in Delco related goods: Http://

This website provides many options to do with car radios and if they don’t have what you are looking for email these people [email protected]

If all of these fail, I suggest you take it back to the place that you got it from, even if it is quite old. The shop that you got the radio from may still be in contact with the suppliers they originally got it from. Then you can get in contact with the suppliers but that is a long shot!
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Ditto someone would do good to make a website with this info.....seems to be a dead end search already....I personally know 5 or 6 people who deal with Delco stereo installations all are dumb founded without the 150$ wireing harness that will not let the onstar and stearing volume to goal for the wire adapter is to mound the delco into the trunk for the security/Wheel volume control and the OnStar system by basically transfering the harness to the trunk and setting defualt settings to the Stereo, then hook my new head unit in so that I can play my mp3's and cd's the delco keeps giving disk read errors on brand new cd's..and there is not Bluetooth, MP3 hookups or anything else for that matter.
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Try here:  Found two car radio schematics I've been looking for.  They have Delco also.

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