How Do I Take A Fuel Pump Off A 1998 Dodge Intrepid And What Kind Of Tools Do I Need For This?


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nate s answered
Your going to need a socket set, a flat head screwdriver an BRASS punch and hammer. You have to remove to has cap and release the pressure, you have to drain the gas by either syphon or pull the hose from fuel filter. Then unplug wire hireness, place jack and board under tank, loosen fastening nuts, drop tank, use BRASS punch and happen to loosen ring holding pump in tank.
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johntavis king answered
First loosen up fuel lines then take off the 4 brackets that hold the gas tank up you will need either a 15mm or a 14mm socket and wrench to hold nut in place take off those 4 bolts then your gas tank should come right out then get a hammer and a (flat head)screwdriver place screwdriver on top of ring on fuel pump and tap the end of it gently the it should twist an you jugs pull it out make sure there is no rust because if there is rust that means water is in your fuel tank and it might have rusted the fuel lines and that can cause gas leaks. (be careful) I hope this helped you out I'm only 17 but I love to work on cars

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