Would A 3 Cylinder Outboard Motor Burn Less Gas, Than A 4 Cylinder Outboard Motor?


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Glen Thornbury answered
Your over looking the gas control, and that is VERY important! I showed my father! And cut his fuel use back by 1/3 of the gas for the same trip!
So YOU CAN have bigger and use less!
If you have a bigger motor you need less gas to reach the same speed! If you EVER open the gas over 3/4 way you literally throwing GAS out, and ON THE WATER!!!!
So with a Bigger Motor you can buck a heaver wind using less gas!
THE PROBLEM IS EVERYBODY drives a boat WIDE OPEN and STOP! And this is throwing 2/3 of the gas on top of the water! This is how I SHOWED my father how to save gas!
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Cyndi Stevens answered
It depends on the size cubic centimeters or cubic inch of each motor.

The one that has the most cc/ci's will burn the most gas.

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