How Do You Change The Oil In A 2003 VROD?


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This guy is smoking crack. He just told you to put oil in the gas tank, which is located under the seat and holds 3.7 gallons of gas. Anyone putting oil in here is in for bad news.
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V-ROD is a range of motorcycles by Harley-Davidson. It is very popular for its high performance and speed. Thus V-ROD is a new motorcycle designation. It has a plastic oil tank and can hold around 3.7 gallons of oil. Thus one thing to be remembered while driving a V-Rod is that its oil tank needs to be regularly filled. This tank is situated under the seat and therefore the seat has to be flipped up to expose the fuel filler cap.

Open the cap and fill it with oil by employing the help of filler and a filter. It I said that it has an excellent oil filter. Therefore changing oil in a V-rod should not be very difficult. Still it would be better if you first get it filled from a professional and then try it yourself after you are familiar with the parts.
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DO NOT DO THIS. What an idiot! Do not put oil into the tank under the seat. This is the gas tank.
You need to get under the bike and find the drain plug. The drain plug is at the very bottom of the bike close to where the filter is. Drain the oil and remove the filter (you'll need a filter wrench). Add 5 quarts of 20W-50 MOTORCYCLE (not car) oil. Check the oil level by standing the bike UPRIGHT. DO NOT CHECK FLUID LEVELS WITH THE BIKE ON THE KICKSTAND.

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