How To Remove Fan Pump 2000 Lincoln Ls?


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Your batter is in trunk- disconnect it.  you will not find a manual. You will have to jack front end up good.. Pop hood put ratchet on tensioner turn counterclockwise .  remove belt. Take off the bolts that hold the fuse box in- pull up and tip forward. . Go under with 1/2" wrench on front facing bolt of alternator. It has a sleeve that comes with it. The rear bolt is 14 or 15mm. The top bolt is the same 14 or 15. Nut is on back side. Wrench it on both sides. Disconnect electrical components of alternator. It will be tough to remove. Pull on hoses to make room and pull out.  take off big hose that comes from the Reservoir. Go up top and remove Reservoir.  cap hole in pump with something it will drip for days.  the fitting on the line that goes to the fan is very unusual. It is a 19.5mm. I use a 19mm crows foot and use angle grinder to open it to 19.5mm.  use 18" of extension fed through the hole where fuse box was. Connect breaker bar on top. Hold it still and have someone attach crows foot from underneath and put it on. Take a 20mm box end wrench and cut a gap in it to fit through the hydraulic line and finish taking it off. Remove the clip on the line. Remove the 4 bolts that hold pump on. They are 4 inches long so you can't take top one out all the way. Unplug it. Rent a puller and pull pulley off and press to new one. No nuts or bolts to take off. They say 2.6 hours to do it. Maybe if you like tendonitis. This is difficult but very doable. There is not much room to work on this motor. Good luck

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