How Do I Remove A Water Pump From The Fan Clutch?


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Most fan clutches have stud bolts on the pully that the fan is attached to.Take the nuts off and the fan should come right off.Usually I replace the fan clutch as a unit.Also you don't need to take the fan off the clutch just take the whole fan and clutch assembly off as a unit.
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There are probably holes in the pulley face. Put a long bolt into one of the holes and turn the pulley until you can jamb the bolt against part of th pump. That should hold the pulley so you can put a 36mm wrench on the big nut.  If it is really tight , tap the wrench with a hammer to loosen the nut.  They are usually normal right hand threads but could be left hand on some cars

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Call or go to one of the larger parts stores in your area, they have chilton repair manuals, and other brands sometimes, they have about all the info you can get on an auto.
If you can't find the info yourself, then you can ask someone for help, that's why they're there, to assist the customer. Hope this helps.

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