I Have A 1997 Dodge Neon DOHC And Had To Have The Cooling Fan Relays Replaced. After Being Replaced I Got A Computer Code Of "P1491" For A Few Minutes And Then The Engine Light Went Off. I Can't Find This Code Anywhere. Any Idea What It Means?


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Hey Neon OBD II Onboard Diagnostics

Neons made from 1996 on are equipped with the OBD II system, which means you should be able to access all the generic OBD codes with an OBD II-compliant scan tool. There also are a bunch of "enhanced" codes on Neon models too, which include the following:

P1195 - Heated O2 sensor 1 bank 1 slow response

P1196 - Heated O2 sensor 1 bank 2 slow response

P1281 - Engine temperature too low (bad thermostat or sensor)

P1282 - Fuel pump relay

P1289 - Intake manifold air control solenoid

P1294 - Idle speed control system out of normal range

P1297 - MAP sensor circuit

P1298 - Engine lean

P1299 - MAP/throttle position sensor

P1388 - Engine control relay

P1389 - Engine control relay

P1390 - Timing belt jumped 1 tooth or more

P1391 - Crankshaft position sensor intermittent signal

P1398 - Engine Control Module misfire detection limit reached

P1403 - EGR valve position sensor no 5-volt supply

P1478 - Ambient/battery temperature sensor circuit

P1486 - Evaporative Emission system blockage detected

P1489 - Engine cooling fan motor relay high speed circuit

P1490 - Engine cooling fan motor relay low speed circuit

P1491 - Engine cooling fan motor relay high/low circuits

P1492 - Ambient/battery temperature sensor voltage high

P1493 - Ambient/battery temperature sensor voltage low

P1494 - EVAP leak detection pump pressure switch

P1495 - EVAP leak detection pump solenoid

P1496 - ECM 5-volt output reference voltage low

P1594 - Alternator output voltage too high

P1595 - Cruise control

P1686 - Alternator output voltage too low

P1685 - Ignition key not programmed into immobilizer module

P1686 - CAN data bus, immobilizer module no signal

P1687 - CAN data bus, no instrumentation signal

P1969 - ECM EEPROM error

P1697 - ECM EEPROM error

P1698 - CAN data bus, no transmission module signal

P1899 - Park/neutral switch input circuit malfunction

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