Where Are Toyotas Made?


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Toyota Motor Corporation, as Toyota is officially known, is a Japanese MNC and also ranks second in the world in terms of manufacture of automobiles, trucks, buses etc, coming a close second to USA giant General Motors.

The main headquarters of the organisation are situated in Toyota, Aichi, Japan and it ranks eighth in the world in terms of largest companies by revenue, having one of 179 billion dollars in the year 2006.

Even though the main company office and plant is located in Japan, Toyota has built five assembly plants in the USA, and they are situated in the states of Alabama, Texas, West Virginia, Kentucky, and the most recent one being in Indiana.

Toyota has also established manufacturing factories all around the world, including in countries such as Australia, Indonesia, India, Venezuela, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Vietnam, the Philippines etc.
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There are two factories in Ontario.  One is in Cambridge, one hour west of Toronto. I forget where the other is located.  There are a few more in the states.
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I believe the answer above is somewhat out dated since toyota has recently (2 years or so) surpassed GM in sale volume and certainly revenue.  As a matter of fact I am not sure if GM still counts as a private company or a state owned company.

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