What Battery Do I Need For A 2005 Toyota Camry?


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Toyota recommends that you always use a Toyota brand battery for your 2005 Camry, so you've a choice between the Toyota TrueStart or the cheaper Toyota True-2

The TrueStart comes with features such as more longer and more extensive warranty.

If your 2005 Toyota Camry runs on a V6 1MZFE,3MZFE engine, there are two different sized batteries your car may take, so you will need to check the size of your current battery. 
If the battery's dimensions are 10 21/32 x 6 13/16 x 9, you need a BCI size 24F. If the dimensions are 9 1/16 x 6 7/8 x 8 7/8, you need a BCI size 35 battery.

If your Camry's engine is a  4 CYL, V6 2AZFE,2GRFE, it will need a 24F battery. If you didn't choose 2GRFE as an option, the 35 sized battery will be needed.

You may not wish to buy a Toyota battery and prefer to shop for an 'own brand' equivalent. If so, then you are better off talking to an expert, or asking around in an online forum such as or, or a Toyota driver's community such as

A car battery should be changed every 4-5 years. Here's advice on how to do it yourself from a YouTube user with a 2007 Camry:

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