How To Change Air Filter Toyota Camry 2005?


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There are several ways that the air filter is installed in the 2005 Camry.  You must determine what configuration your filter is thru a visual examination.  It the filter housing is held down by two bolts on one end (on the side toward the left front fender) loosen these bolts with a ratchet and socket until they spring free.  Then swing that end of the housing upward to disengage the brackets on  the opposite end and raise the housing up.   Reach in and pullout the old filter element.  Replace wth a new filter element. Check to see if one side of the replacement element is marked "Front" and orient the new filter properly.  When it is properly seated, lower the housing back down, tilt it to engage the brackets and then push down the end with the two bolts.  Position the bolts over the openings provided and tighten them snugly but don't overtighten.  Job's done.
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The air filter is located in the engine compartment, looks like a black box with a hose attached to it, the box is 2 pieces, the top is held down with either wire clips, spring fasteners or bolts. Remove the top half of the box (lid) and there is a filter inside that will have a soft rubber edge with a an accordion paper with wire mesh on top, pull entire filter and do the reverse to install... Good luck

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