I Have 2004 Honda Odyssey Ex. Would You Tell Me Where The Plug To Fill Transmission Fluid?


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If you look straight down to the right of the tube, there's a 17mm bolt labelled ATF. You need a long socket extension to get it off. Once off, you'll need to move some vacuum tubes around in order to get a long funnel in there.
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If it is an automatic you probably fill it through the dip stick tube. There are special funnels, available at auto stores, for this function.
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I had try to fill into that tube, but the tube too small , that should be another place to fill in, this is a Honda vehicle ( not same like another branch, that they have a large dip stick tube for auto transmission ).
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That is why you need the special funnel that I spoke of. It has a very small tube to fit the dip stick tube.

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