In The Winter, Why Do Many People Put The Wipers Up When Parking?


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It is to visually remind you, that this vehicle comes from a well heeled household and most assuredly is on guard & will actively fight off any meddling with it! No, it is less likely to be encased in precipitation that is scheduled to fall from the skies, and freeze it into place, at a non-operative position. This was first noticed being practised in Upstate New York just last winter. Thirty years prior, in advance of such expected inclement weather, soft pliable plastic sheets with magnets imbedded at the perimeter, were draped over the windshield glass to keep it dry! So what can be the next thoughtful protection devise to avoid frozen materials from depositing themselves on your windshield? How about 'homeless' people being engaged to spread themselves over the said, windshields till you return to travel the roadways again! Lou Dobbs is this society acceptable enuf use of "illegals" softening your resolve so they can stay at least for the winter months,... Huh?
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In case it snows, sleets or rains. Your wipers will freeze to the windshield and then be stuck. When you raise them in the air, they wont stick and you will lessen the problem of messing up the wipers.
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This increases the chance of 'messing up the wipers'. Firstly, a gust of wind could bend the wiper arms, or worse, snap them back down onto the windshield and crack it. Secondly, in the case of freezing rain, you will make the problem worse, as they will be encased in a sheath of ice much like the branches of a tree. Thirdly, doing this will stretch out the springs inside your wiper arms, causing them to make improper contact with the windshield, and reducing their effectiveness. Don't do it.

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