Why is it that so many people don't park their car in their garages? I keep hearing on the news about car break ins. Put them in the garage that won't happen.


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Some people's garages are overloaded storage spaces and they don't have room for a car. Others only have carports. And some have multiple cars so perhaps one is out of the garage and that is the one that is broken into.

I live in an apartment complex right now and there are no garages here. My car is usually parked in the lot outside my building, but it is vulnerable, no denying it.

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I keep my car in the garage but none of my trucks would ever fit, so they always stayed outside.

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We have three cars. Two stays in the garage the other one not so lucky.

But, most people use their garage for storage space.

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Like everyone said, a lot of people use them for storage. We only park our everyday vehicles in the garage in winter so I don't have to clear the snow off or scrape frost. Nobody sees our vehicles so we don't really have to worry about break-ins . We do lock our vehicles though. Better safe than sorry.

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As with many others my two car garage has only seen one car parked in it for twenty four hours, then the moving van came. It has not see a car parked in it since. We always keep our cars locked. What amazes me are the folks who do park a car in their garage then leave the garage door open all night even when it rains or snows.

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I guess because we moved a lot we haven't accumulated a lot of stuff. (No need to pack it and move it if you don't use it.) After the last move my car stayed outside 2 weeks and my husbands about a month. I know people hose garages are packed with stuff they haven't used in 10 years. That drives me insane. Why keep it if you don't use it? Sell it or donate to someone who can.

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dragonfly forty-six
Funny you should mention that, but I've done both, moved every 6 months to staying in one place for 23 years. When we moved a lot stuff got sorted and organized, its when we stopped things started accumulating. I've always threatened to move to force myself to go through all my stuff. Its easy to stuff it away somewhere than do something about it. The longer you stay in one place the more you accumulate. I've just started on this minimalist journey so everything is going.

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