What's The Timing Chain Diagram For A 2.4 In A 98 Cavalier?


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For any sort of technical or mechanical diagram, including timing belt diagrams, a good place to start is an image library. 

I started off by checking Google Images and came up with this diagram for a 1998 2.4l Cavalier:

The original image can be found on, which also carries step-by-step instructions on how to remove and install a timing chain which are good for all of the 2.3 and 2.4l Cavaliers ranges of the late 1990s.

Other sites you can go to for advice include, which has a thread on repairing the timing chain for a 1999 2.4l Chevy Cavalier. Similar forums include and You will have to join these sites first before you can post a question asking for help.

If it's a question of a missing manual that's stopping you from repairing the timing chain, you might find the one you're looking for at, or

Alternatively, you could watch this two part YouTube guide on how to replace the timing chain on a 1997 Cavalier to pick up some advice:

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