How Can I Get Started Trucking With No Cdl's And No Experience?


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You are in luck...Chauffeur's Training Courses are just a telephone call away...look in the Telephone Book's Yellow pages!
Should you be thinking about tractor & trailer type driving, be sure to take a coast-to-coast passenger drive, so you might understand the many obstacles which can present themselves, that is beside long weary hours of kidney bouncing, inpentrable traffic jams and the occasional total mechanical failures in the middle of NOWHERE! You can add for flavor, either 102 degree bone drying sunlight or "white-outs" of blowing snow in a chilled 23 degrees below zero wind chill for effect.
It maybe the local delivery 18,000# cube truck that you wish to push against time and travel restricted log jammed stopped traffic.

It can be an adventure each and everyday, if you envision it is a sail boat you are commanding...Good Sailing!

Teamster Unions as well as better trucking companies will pay for the required training. The US government will in some instance also pay for the training.

P.S. There is a distinct possibility that with the displayed enthusiasm and willingness to 'attack' the job at hand and of course your dove-tailing of the trucker's motto song..."we bring the food to your table", you just maybe in the lead for a full ride scholarship! got my vote & support!
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Man alive! It sounds like you've been there and done that. If your description didn't chill his interest then a bucket of cold water probably wouldn't either.
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You might also want to try getting hired by a city, state or county crews they usually will train you or pay for your training as part of employment.
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I am not sure where you live, but there are truck driver training schools all over the UA that will train you and help with job placement. Also they will help you find financial aid and help you get your CDL's. Check you local phone book to see if there is a school near you. If not, check some of the larger cities near you. Good luck
Check with the vocational training schools in your area. You may be able to get your CDL for little or no charge if you are low income.
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The market for drivers is not looking good at the moment. There are too many poorly trained, un-qualified or under-qualified drivers on the road today. IO drive for a flatbed company in Oklahoma and we are doing a lot of sitting at the moment. I'm getting under 1000 miles a week when the average is about 3000. The pay isn't what is actually advertised. We make .36 cent per mile where I work, but we are taxed so heavily that it ends up being like .20 cents per mile. Be very sure this is what you want to do before you sign a loan for a driving school. Try Schneider, they will train you(CDL training) and you only sign a contract for a year. They are a great starter company and many work for them after thew contract is up. Swift will train you after you get your CDL, but they are a really lousy company to work for, same for JB Hunt except JB doesn't train anymore.
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You might try getting hired by a city, state or county crew as they usually will train you or pay for your cdl training as part of your employment.

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