I Want To Start My Own Trucking Company, What Should I Do?


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ray of light answered
You have a good idea. For this you need to make sure that you have done all the paper work before you start anything. Make sure you have excellent trucks as well as drivers. After that, start contacting local companies.

I have done a little work out for you

Assuming that you have customers and you need tractors and trailers.

Leasing will require less investment like $80,000 a tractor and $20,000 a trailer.

Next you have to hire good drivers and after that you will need sales, IT, administration and accounting staff.

Good Luck
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Jessica Mills answered

Make a research before you proceed to anything else.

  • Is there a proper demand for your service
  • Where and what is your market
  • Who are the concurrence
  • What will it cost you to get started
  • What time will it take to have a profit (+ result in the cost balance)

And many more. Make sure you've answered all questions before you proceed with paperwork (because it also costs money to do it)

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Chips Ters answered

Hello, I want to tell you that you will need a lot of money to open your own trucking company. Of course it's a good idea and a very profitable business, I personally often use the services of new york auto transport when I need to deliver a car.

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