How To Test Spark Plug Coil Packs, Taurus 2000,3.0 DOHC Engine?


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I just performed this check myself yesterday, my wife has a 1999 Taurus 3.0. Perform the following: You need a light indicating voltage probe, sold at any auto parts store.

1. Disconnect the coil pack harness.
2. Connect the probe wire to the ground of your battery.
3. Turn your ignition key to the "Start" position.
3. Probe the White wire with blue stripe on the harness and it should light up.
4. Return the key switch back to "Off" position.
5. Remove the probe wire from the ground terminal and now place it on the positive terminal.
6. Insert the probe tip into the next wire in the harness, don't worry your going to test the remaining three. Make sure it's in properly and place it where you can see the light while sitting in the drivers seat.
7. Crank the car as if you were starting it, the light should flash ON and OFF, this indicates power if going to the coil pack. Test the remaining two wires and look for the light going ON/OFF. If steps 3-7 check out then your PCM is good and you likely have a coil pack problem. These sell for about $70.00 new.

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