How Much Petrol Does A Chevy Equinox Take?


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The Chevy Equinox has been a big seller for Chevrolet over the years, and the fact that it takes plenty of petrol has been a big part of that.

If you're getting a model with the 2.4L engine, then you're looking at a tank of just over 70 litres, and if you're getting the 3.6L engine, then it's even better with just under 80 litres.

You might find that different models over the years have slightly different capacities, and earlier models over the past decade could give you a slightly lower figure. Some of the previous All-Wheel Drive models, for instance, held a little over 60 litres, compared with the current Four-Wheel Drive models.

It's a beautiful car, billed as a fuel-efficient SUV, something a lot of similar cars can't claim. So if you're on the market for a new ride, you can't go too wrong with a new Equinox. Here's a full review to give you a better idea of some of its other features.

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