My 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Wont Shift Out Of 1st Gear Until The RPMs Reach About 3500 What Should I Do?


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Your jeep probly has a lot of miles on it, assumming that you have no codes showing up on the onboard computer,this is how you find out. Turn the key on and off 3 times, wait till you see the light flashing. It will flash in incriments , you must cout the lights as they flash, write them down in the order they flash. This will tell you if you have sensor problems. If you have no problems. You must adjust the front band, the adjustment is located on the drivers side next to the linkages. You will need two tools , a 5/16 socket for the stud and a 3/4 to unlock the nut. Then you must have a torque wrench. Back the lock nut off 3 rounds, then the 3/16 scoket torque it about 70lbs then back it off 2 3/4 rounds. Then tighten the lock nut. When a jeep has a lot of miles they do get out of adjustment. I have a 94 jeep that wouldnt shift from 2-4. Now it did have a 2 but it was weak. After doing this it works fine..check with your mechanic if you don't know how to do this adjustment.
To check your code numbers re ferr to an auto manual book. Hope this well help it did me!!

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