What Does The Fault Code P1762 On A Grand Cherokee Jeep Mean?


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P1762 is "Governor Pressure Sensor Offset Improper Voltage". It usually means that the transmission governor inside the transmission is either putting out less than 5 volts, or over 10 volts to the performance control module (PCM).

In my case, (1998 JGC with 4.0L motor) it was caused by a lower than normal trans pump pressure, due to being not driven for a 1/2 year. Dodge trucks seem to have problems with the actual pressure transducer inside the transmission, but I haven't been able to find a lot of complaints with Jeeps. One of the JGC websites recommended 3 "driving cycles", where the vehicle is taken out of park, driven in drive up to 50 mph, and then stopped, and placed in park again. Once I did that, the Jeep mysteriously had it's transmission power come back, and I was then able to clear the fault code with a scan tool.

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