Why Do New Wheel Bearings Keep Failing So Often?


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1. The new bearings might be of lower quality then the old ones. Are the new ones made in china?

2. Many new bearings need to be packed with grease. It is very important that the grease you pack in is clean, no dirt!

3. Many cars use sealed bearings that must be pressed in place. A hammer will not do, will only mess them up. It is also critical that the bearing is pressed in by applying force only to parts that do not load the ball bearings.

4. Some cars with sealed bearings MUST have the big nut/bolt torqued high enough. If the torque is not high enough the bearings wear out very quickly.
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I replaced 1st time May 9, 2009. I used a house brand from local parts store, probably made in China. Had them done last weekend (only 3 mos later) and there seems to be an issue again. This time I went with Moog. I have already replaced the control arm assembly on both sides. Could a damaged cotter pin be an issue?

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