Chevy Lumina, 97. Air Conditioner Quits Blowing Air At Times, Sometimes Starts Blowing Again When You Gain Speed. Not As Cool As It Should Be. Freon Checks Full. What Is Making It Stop Blowing Air?


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Sounds like you may have a vacuum leak. The air vents are operated by vacuum on a very large number of vehicles.

Look under your dash for any hoses that may be disconnected, They are usually small in diameter. With the E-brake on and the car in park(neutral for stick shifts, and make sure you chalk the wheels) start the car and lay down on the floor and listen for a sound that be a light whistle, of the sound of sucking air. have a buddy or your wife/girlfriend lightly rev the engine while you are listening for those sounds under the dash. If you hear anything, then there is your answer.

If I understood your question correctly it should give you a good starting point, feel free to contact me!

Good Luck!

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