Air Conditioner Makes Loud Noise When Starting, What Could It Be?


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The banging sound is the compressor starting when you turn on your a/c in the cool mode if the have the thermostat set for it (the compressor) to come on. Newer air conditioners generally have smaller compressors and also quieter ones, so the banging sound isn't as noticeable. You probably here a banging sound also when you turn the a/c off, or, when the compressor cycles on and off in moderately warm weather. In hot and humid weather, the compressor will generally stay on the whole time the a/c unit is turned on. You only get cool air through your a/c unit when the compressor is on, or, of course, it is in the 40 degree range outside and just outside air is coming in through the a/c unit (compressor off). Hope this answers your question.
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A banging noise is pretty normal. The metal will expand and compress depending on the temperature. Has the banging just started recently? If that's the case you may have a problem and I would look into calling someone to come look at it.

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Before doing any maintenance on your noisy air conditioner, first start by turning your HVAC circuit breaker to the OFF position in your main CB panel and turn your air conditioner off with your thermostat.

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Yes ,take it to the dealer it sounds like the cooling fan/fans/electric are running constantly because of the extra load on the don't happen to hear this while sitting in stop and go traffic do you....(the worst kind of driving for a vehicle..(no air moving around the engine compartment)..just my 2 cents
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I have the same problem with the air conditioner , sound comes from right back wheel
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Need some more information. Where is the noise coming from? You have a couple of places to look for. The air handler which is the unit inside your house, the air return in your duct work  (usually where your filter goes) and the condensing unit outside your home. Could be a dirty filter causing a vacuum in the duct work, could be the motor or belt in you air handler or could be the compressor in your condensing unit.

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