I Have A 1986 Mercury Cougar 1 Owner Very Good Shape And Very Low Mileage. What Is The Value Of It? I Am Told That It Is A Classic Car Now.


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There are plenty of web sites that can give you an idea of its value. There are also many auction and auto sale sites such as ebay, auto-trader and related auto selling venues that will give you a better perspective of the vehicles value, saleability and desirability. If this were a 1968 or 1969 it would be of greater value as the muscle cars were king. A 1986 I would venture to say may have some value but the real classic value of it is more questionable.
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The car is only worth $500 to any dealer if you trade it in. Worth a little more private sale. To make that car worth anything, you must get it appraised and insure it for that value. Otherwise its just another old car.

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