I Have A 96 Magna That Keeps Overheating Fast And Water Is Leaking The Coolant Level Does Not Drop In The Coolant Reservoir But Empties The Water In The Radiator Instantly, What Could It Be?


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First, you need to find the leak. Fill the radiator w/water and look under the car. This should help pinpoint the location. If you don't see any coolant leaking, there is only two other places it can go; into the combustion chamber then out the exhaust, or in to the engine oil pan. Pull the dipstick and check for a "milky" color and/or high oil level. If the oil is ok-start the engine and see if you have white smoke or vapor coming out the tailpipe.
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If it is coming back out the filler it could be a bad thermostat or head gasket ! If Not can you see were it is coming out of ? Maybe  bad watter pump, house ,Freeze plug !

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