What Causes A Engine To Burn Oil?


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The oil is kept from being burnt by the rings around the cylinders, and the smooth walls of the cylinders' chambers. When you start to burn oil, oil is getting through. Normally this means new rings, at a minimum, but if the engine is particularly worn, it would need to be "re-bored" - a process where the cylinder chamber is drilled again, a fraction of a millimeter/inch wider, creating a smooth wall again, and then with slightly larger rings to ensure that the seal is kept.

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I done a timming belt job on my eclipse .would being a bit out of timming cause my car to start burning  oil?
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Well the car runs on the oil so it has to burn
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These are a few answers that I have found, when asking the same question.

-Bad valve seals
- Worn valve guides
- Pressurized crankcase (oil pan) due to a clogged PVC valve or breather system
- Blow-by from worn piston rings

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