What Causes Oil To Pass Through The Exhaust?


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I would have to guess at the intake manifold gasket or head gasket. Sounds like the oil passes through one of these and into a cylinder, Especially if it is burning it. Be careful it doesn't go up in flames, oil will burn quite well.
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My truck used to blow a puff of blue smoke when it started never while it was was the intake gasket and that is very common in dodge pick ups
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That's because of many reasons, and her's some>

bad or dry camshaft oil seals.
Bad pistons.
Bad or very light engine oil.
Engine head casket. And many more reasons.

But that means that your car engine need maintenance and now, because if you didn't fix this problem that means more fuel per mile and more oil and you could run out of oil while you having a long drive, if that happens you will loose your engine.

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