This Is A Yamaha Pw 50 What Year Is It?


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To find out the year of a Yamaha Pw50, you have to get the serial number from the engine, then contact Yamaha who will be able to put a date to the model. The popular 50cc bike is a big seller and equally popular amongst parents and kids.

The built in safety features provide great reassurance to parents while the racy design makes it a favorite amongst kids anxious to get a taste of the thrills of motorbike riding. With an adjustable throttle to match the riders experience, parents can retain control while the 2-stroke engine provides an automatic gear-box allowing thrilling twist-and-go moves to be carried out easily. At just 39kg the bike is easy to transport and manageable for kids as young as 4-years-old.

With its excellent suspension, it is ideal for most types of surface and is popular along racetracks, across farms, along beaches and in some cases along sand dunes. Such is their popularity that it's far from unknown for parents to take a shine to the vehicle and enjoy a quiet circuit or two once their kids are out of view.

Amongst the competitive market for kid friendly bikes, the Yamaha Pw50 has established itself as an iconic bike and much desired. With its slick design and ease of use the bike is easy to maintain and unlikely to run up large garage or maintenance bills. These features ensure that the bike retains an 'as new' appearance and has a booming second hand market with the bikes holding value, thanks to the high demand.

Whatever the year of your bike, you are virtually guaranteed a quality machine, one that has stood the test of time and has known its value down the years. Regardless of its age or mileage, it is bound to provide lots of excitement and pleasure for both young and old.

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