What Is The Fuel Oil Ratio For A Yamaha Pw80?


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Most 2 cycle engines any more have a 40:1 ration if you go to the Yamaha web site they may have the exact information you need.
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The important factor here is Carbon build-up. KSAKI sells a good 2-cycle mix oil for less Carbon build-up and YAMA sells good oil for the same.
Don't use just any oil.If you want to spend more money on oils they're available.Some even have Alcohol as an additive. You want to run anyplace from 32:1 to 40:1.Your preference on heat dissipation as 40:1 can cause more heat.

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Most 2strokes engines any more have 40:1 ration
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If it is not a 2 stroke you don't need to mix it with gas but if it is than 44:1

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