How Many People Drive Without Car Insurance?


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About 5% of drivers (1.2 million motorists) are uninsured, which adds about 30 annually to the premiums of those who do pay up. Most are quite young (under 25); according to the RAC Foundation about 30% of young drivers have driven without motor insurance.

The RAC survey found that 13% of young drivers felt that driving uninsured didn't hurt anybody, and 4% say it's an okay thing to do because premiums are too high.

10% of drivers have been in an accident with an uninsured driver. It's thought that about 16% of uninsured drivers get convicted for the offence each year.

People who drive without insurance are more likely to be up to some kind of other criminal behaviour, too, such as smuggling or dealing drugs. Their cars are much more likely to be un-roadworthy and a safety hazard to themselves and others. Uninsured drivers get into more accidents than other drivers, and they are more likely to drive unsafely.

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