What Are Car Insurance Groups And How Do They Affect My Insurance Policy Quote?


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The Association of British Insurers has agreed an industry-wide system of categorising cars. This takes in a wide range of factors including performance, car type, cost new, and the likely cost of repairs. A small city car is therefore in a much lower group than say a 50,000 sports car which is capable of more than twice the legal speed limit.

Car insurance groups are recognised by all motor insurance companies and they play a major role, along with a large number of variables, when a quote for car insurance is prepared.

But not all car insurance companies are the same. They target specific groups, which is why quotes can vary so much from company to company. A general insurer is geared up for protecting most everyday car models and so won't be particularly competitive at the luxury top end of the market. Quotes Group 18 plus cars are likely to be significantly higher than, say, a quote from a more specialist insurer with a greater depth of knowledge and understanding of this segment of the market.

In most instances, a specialist insurer will generally be a better bet for a competitive price than a generalist company.

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