Where Is The Fuel Pump Reset Button On A Chevy Silverado?


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On a 98 chevy silverado where is the fuel reset button
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I have a well maintained 2003 silverado with the vortec v-6 in it. We had a big storm come in last week and I drove it just the same as always and parked it and drove the  other truck in the snow. Well now I can't get it to start, I don't think the fuel pump is bad. I hear it pumping and the truck wants to start but its like the fuel is being locked out or denied when it gets to the block. So it just turns over. I was trying to see if there is a fuel reset or something.. If anyone out there can let me know how to reset this thing I would be greatly thankful I heard you have to turn the key back and forth for 30 seconds off and ten minutes on,   for a dozen times.. So as can see everyone is telling me something different way to reset it but I want a mechanic to tell me cause you guys know this stuff

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