How Many Cars Fit In A 20 Foot And 40 Foot Container?


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Cars are typically placed in a twenty foot or forty foot container when they are being shipped long distances. How many cars are included in each container will depend entirely on the shipper,  the number of cars being shipped and your personal preferences. You may not even realize you have the option to request less cars be shipped with yours when you make the arrangements. It will, of course, cost you extra.
A twenty foot container will easily hold two cars inside. Generally when cars are shipped inside a twenty foot container, they are shipped two at a time. Both cars are placed on the floor of the container. There is no additional room to add cars above them.
For the creative shipper a forty foot container can hold as many as four cars inside. Two cars are placed on the floor of the container and the other two are suspended above them. It is important that the shipper use a heavy duty steel wire or chain to suspend the cars to prevent it from failing and the cars becoming damaged. When done correctly, all four cars are transported without any movement or damage.
However, some shippers pride themselves on only shipping three cars per forty foot container. They will place two cars on the floor of the container and suspend only one above them. This often appeals to customers because it seems less packed than the traditional four cars.
Regardless, you can often make requests to have as few cars as you would like shipped in the container with your car. You can insist that no cars be above yours or even to the side. It will cost you additional money to have your car shipped alone, but it can be accomplished.
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20 foot container can take 2 cars and 40 foot 4 cars.  What you do is use steel wires to hang one car from the front wheels and hang it from inside top hook loops that are welded inside the container top corners and then roll in next car under it.  First car front end will be hanging and second car's hood will come under that first car's front tires.  But I've seen some steel wires fail and top car dropped on the bottom car and damaged hood and windshield.  Need to use strong wire or chain would be best.
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Depending on the size of the vehicle, most conventional combination fits 2 automobiles in a 40container. However specialized professional companies have capability to load 3, 4, 5, vehicles per container. For example 1997 toyota corolla can easily fit 5 per 40 High Cube container. These are regular 40 High Cube containers. Standard loads consist of 4 automobile - 4 toyota camry or 3 SUV - 3 2005 BMW X5. Remember the higher the count of automobiles the greater the chance of damage. I recommend to purchase marine insurance appx 1.5% of declared value and use professional companies who have experience in loading and processing automobiles in container.

If require further assistance call 347 489 9626 - David. Newark NJ
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Can 2 jeeps (1 Honda CV-R and 1 Nissan Tera) fit in 20 feet container for shipment ?
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We are a full service vehicle shipping and boat shipping service putting boats and cars in containers maximizing space by utilizing meathods mentioned above. And to the most important point, be VERY CAREFUL in who you use, you can definitely have more damage to repair if something fails. Use someone who has experience and good reviews online.

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A standard 20ft container is suitable to ship 2 of an average sized car or SUV while a standard 40ft container has enough space to fit up to 4 Vehicles.

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It depends on the size of the cars we want to fit in a container. I'd say that on average 10 foot is for one car and this means 20-foot container can fit two cars and 40-foot container fits four. But I bet there are other options. I used services of cross country car shipping when I was moving to another country and I saw different, say, container configurations. And my assumed rule "10 foot for one car" wasn't always true because, again, it depended on car size.

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