What method is used to stack two cars in one shipping container?


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By using RORO. The RoRo overseas car shipping method allows for your car to be
driven directly onto the ship for transport. It is then secured in place
by the use of straps and braces as well as wooden blocks to prevent
movement during overseas auto shipping.
The container method involves loading the vehicle into a
container for overseas auto transport. The containers available include a
20 ft. As well as a 40 ft. Model. The difference between the two is
that a 20 ft. Container can only fit one vehicle, whereas a 40 ft.
Container can fit two vehicles.Os, no need to worry as long you choose the right car shipping companies to deal with
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Don't do it. To much of a risk of scratching etc. The cars
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Yes, no kidding! I am sueing a company that did that with my car, using ridiculous means of securing the car on top, and it came down onto mine and crushed it. I am trying to get information on standard practices in this industry and hoping to find out that most companies use much more sophisticated ways to stack cars in a crate (I know they all do it to maximize their profits). I am sueing them for gross negligence. Any hints are appreciated. Thanks!
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I know few people that can solve your problem. You can contact them;)

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In order to stack two cars, a transportation company should use special containers which have to totally avoid any risk of getting cars scratched or dented.  For instance, these enclosed car transportation services use multi-car enclosed trailers which can easily haul one or more cars and the trailer often comes as a double-decker where two levels of cars can be stacked. There is a photo of this double-decker.

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It is interesting to learn of new things every single day. I have only seen 2 stacks of cars being transported but on land, on the road, perhaps from a storage facility to a dealership. However, I have never thought of how they might be stacked when on ships. I guess it is the same concept which is by secure straps and braces as well.

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