How To Draw Cool Cars?


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most people draw box cars which means everything must be a box/rectangle then og back and round everything off so it looks like a car not a bunch of boxes
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You can draw a cool car in just 14 steps:

1. Draw two circles, one inside the other. This is the back wheel.
2. Inside the wheel, draw a circle with four boxes connected to it.
3. Draw a circle that connects all four boxes. The wheel is done.
4. Draw a line around the wheel, and a straight line to the right.
5. Now, begin drawing the front wheel the same way you drew the back wheel.
6. Finish drawing the front wheel.
7. Draw a line around the front wheel and a straight line to the right.
8. Draw the back of the car. It looks almost like the head of a hammer.
9. With three lines, draw the back window.
10. Draw the rear seat window by drawing three vertical lines (up and down), and one horizontal (left to right) line.
11. Draw the passenger seat window by making a box with two vertical lines, and one horizontal line.
12. The windshield is drawn using only four lines. Two lines at a 45 degree angle, a line connecting them, and a horizontal line connecting to the passenger window. Draw a small box for the passenger side mirror.
13. Draw the passenger door with a box and put a fancy decoration inside it.
14. Draw the hood of the car almost exactly the way you drew the windshield.

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