How To Get To Stansted Airport?


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Standstead airport is located in Standstead, Essex, in United Kingdom. It is thirty seven miles from the airport to Liver pool street, London. You can get trained in every 15 minutes to Standstead airport. It takes about forty five minutes to reach Standstead. You should get down from the train at Tottenham Hale station and walk the Victoria line tube. This is more time saving and convenient than Liverpool Street. You can board a coach because boarding a train is little costly.

You can even look for help in case you are not confirmed with the direction. You can ask any person to guide you. You can check online for detailed instructions about the route.  The best way would be to get a book which consists of maps and directions in it. This can help you in a better way.  To get more information you can log on to, .
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Stansted Airport is located around 30 miles from London.
You may use Bus, Taxi, Cub for airport transfer directly between Stansted and London. It takes more or less 1 hour.
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