How Far It It From Ciampino Airport To Rome?


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Planning a budget airline holiday, are you?

Ciampino airport is on the fringes of suburbs of the Roman metropolis.  It lies 15 km away from the centre of Rome.  It is a popular landing point for many of the budget airlines that work out of Britain, as Rome's other international airport is heavily congested.

There are no train or metro services to Ciampino.  You can hire a car at the airport attempt to drive into Rome -- I wouldn't!    Advice to most tourists is to catch a coach with the company Terravision (go to their website) into downtown Rome.

Terravision services to the city go every half hour or so.  The journey takes about 40 minutes, costs £9 return (or £5.50 one-way), and leaves you at Rome's Termini station.

Several metro lines run from Termini, making it easy to go somewhere else from there.

Or, for the price of one Euro, catch a COTROL bus from the airport to the nearest metro station (Ciampino Anagnina).  Take the metro from there.  These buses go every 35 minutes or so, and the journey takes 5 minutes.

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