Where Is JFK Airport?


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John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport, one of the largest airports in the world, is a part of New York City.  From Manhattan, the airport is accessible by car, subway or bus.  Perhaps the easiest way to reach it from Manhattan is to take a bus from Port Authority or Grand Central Station, for around $15.00. Many special travel fares to New York City offer arrivals to JFK airport. 
While the price for travel to JFK is often attractive, many New Yorkers would opt to travel through Newark Airport instead, given the choice.  The reasons are location and size. Newark Airport is smaller, and some would say, easier to navigate than JFK Airport.

Ironically, although JFK Airport is a part of New York City, it is still easier to access the city centre from Newark Airport, which is located in the altogether different state of New Jersey.  Direct links to the city from New Jersey make travel to Manhattan from Newark Airport a bit easier in a car. However, either option is perfectly viable as most tourists wisely opt for a taxi cab or bus to navigate the journey ~ eliminating the headaches of driving.

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