If I Received A Traffic Ticket While Driving Someone Else's Car And It Was For A Lapsed Registration, Should I Have To Pay The Fine Or Should I Fight It?


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Your answer is dependent upon the circumstances surrounding the lapsed registration. If, you drove the car knowing the registration had lapsed, then you would be liable for driving a car with a lapsed registration. If, the car belonged to your spouse, you would be liable for driving his/her car with a lapsed registration, because as a spouse you share the responsibility for fulfilling the law in relation to the car.

If, the car belonged to a friend, acquaintance or other relative and you were not informed the registration was in lapse, then I would say, this person is liable. However, as to the law it relates to the person who is driving a car with a lapsed registration. Therefore, under the law you are liable and will need to pay the fine to keep your record clean. The law really does not provide any circumstances under which a driver would not be liable: such as, if you drive a car with a lapsed registration, you are not liable unless the car is registered to you. Attempting to argue in relation to the law will only cause frustration, time and additional money.

As to recovery of money paid for what in the eyes of the law is breaking the law; you need to talk with the owner of the car, if this person did not tell you the registration was lapsed, ask for reimbursement of the fine. If, the person did inform you and you drove the car knowing this, then I would say you are the person who is liable.
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Man this same thing happened to me my friend didnt take me to court neither and im gonna beat his ass and my fine is 364$
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My father got a ticket for driving too slow in the middle lane of a freeway. The car insurance didn't have his name on it. Is it ok to appear in the court or just pay the fine?
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Pay the fine because if you knew that the registration was out that was on your part.

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